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  • the leading authority
    on diesel maintenance

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:: in the news

the news portal NORD24.DE reports about Scan Motoren

Read the complete online article »Monteure sind weltweit im Einsatz« on Nord24.

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:: press report

major overhaul of the icebreaker POLARSTERN

Read the press report »Frische Power für den Forschungseisbrecher Polarstern«.

Go to report: pressebericht.pdf

:: trade fair news

meet us in hamburg at the SMM 2018

Learn all about us and our services at the biggest trade fair for the maritime industry in Hamburg, Germany. You will find us here – Hall A4, Stand A4.330

Download: smm-area-plan.pdf

:: to be alert is our job

your top-notch diesel engine specialist is ready for take off

Scan Motoren’s work force of highly qualified service technicians has many years of experience in servicing all types of diesel engines. We are equipped with the most advanced service material.

«We would like to thank Scan Motoren for services rendered on many Oldendorff vessels. Every job has always been completed to our fullest satisfaction. We are impressed with your worldwide service 24/7 and your flexibility – we highly recommend your assistance.»

– Egon Oldendorff

Each diesel engine undergoes comprehensive inspections and tests. Planed maintenance, preventive maintenance, combined with factory trained service engineers will keep your fleet moving.

«Having no previous experience with Scan Motoren, HSM took quite a leap in the dark when contracting them for a full 30,000 hr overhaul inclusive of turbochargers on two MaK 9M25C engines plus a major overhaul on a Caterpillar 3412C.
I can only say that Scan Motoren’s performance has simply been flawless at all stages of the project. Their commercial offer was very competitive for both labour and parts, there have been no issues whatsoever with availability of spare parts and extra work was properly communicated and carried out without affecting the planning. The staff on site was very professional indeed, showed safety awareness and demonstrated an exemplary discipline and work ethic.
This resulted in a incident-free project that required no supervision from owners and met the tight planning; Importantly, installation start-up after overhauls was without any issues. The fact that they are very pleasant to communicate and work with completes the package.»

– Technical Superintendent, Hellespont Ship Management

:: teamwork is our motivation

like driving diesel engines with precision

We are well aware of the fact, that shipping is a 24/7 industry and are more than ready to meet it’s challenges. No matter where and when you should need us – the qualified Scan Motoren service team will respond to your needs fast and straightforward.

We will help you in meeting your tight deadlines – everyday around the world. We even offer our clients a special overnight service guarantee. The flexibility and commitment of our entire team ensures that no precious time is wasted.

Seamlessly integrated teamwork is one of Scan Motoren’s important benefits. Only the most qualified and well trained personnel is authorized to work on locations around the world.

Our specialty is to overhaul and service all Yanmar, MAN, MAK, Scania, Deutz, Caterpillar and Sulzer diesel engines.

:: accuracy is our benchmark

there is no limit to our ambition to deliver the best work

Every component of a diesel engine we receive for overhaul is completely dismantled and cleaned with all the necessary measurements being taken. If it is necessary, parts will be replaced.

Precision is our mission, hence all work performed by Scan Motoren is documented and repair records are maintained for future references to guarantee full control. So if you are interested in quality work and reasonable prices, don’t hesitate to contact us – anytime.

Reconditioning of diesel engine parts, adjusting fuel pumps VIT, FQS-Systems, trouble shooting, repairs and inspections to keep you moving at the highest industry standards.

:: we align and reconstruct

easy laser™ measuring, chockfast™ and epocast™

Our trained, certified and experienced team did already plenty alignments with our constantly calibrated Easy Laser Measuring Equipment.

Our team is always focused in proposals and effective solutions in view of the elimination of the misalignment.

The foundations of all sizes of diesel engines, generators and gear boxes will be precisely reconstructed by Chockfast™ or  Epocast™ resins which replaces the former metal fitting pieces.

:: service overview

supported brands and manufacturers

Down below you will find a short performance overview:

diesel engines

service | spares | support

  • Deutz

    Service Engineers from Spatz & Heitmüller, Bremen employed incl. special training with Bosch / fuel pumps etc.

  • Mitsubishi

    We are Mitsubishi authorized

  • Volvo Penta

    Service Engineer from Volvo Penta, Germany

  • MAN

    Factory trained staff, 58/64, 48/60, 28/32, 20/27, 23/30, 40/54, 2866LXE etc. in fact all generators

  • Daihatsu

    Factory trained staff

  • Yanmar

    Factory trained staff

  • Sulzer

    Factory trained staff, 2&4 stroke

  • Mak

    Service Engineer from Mak, Bremen, well experienced staff, whole range

  • Scania / SISU

    Factory trained staff

  • MHI

    Authorized workshop for UEC engines

  • CAT

    Well experienced staff, 3306, 3508 etc.

  • Pielstick

    Well experienced staff, PC2.3.4.5, PC4

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For cylinder covers, liners, pistons we are giving fix prices for standard overhaul excluding parts upon request. Service technicians will be quoted usually depending on job scope by daily rates from Monday to Sunday.

Honing gears up to 1mtr. diameter, Chris-Marine gears, Hunger gears are available for workshop purposes in order to overhaul engine components. Please contact us for additional information about our services and solutions.

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:: competence and team

high skilled and accurate work of qualified specialists

The years of experience, the continuous training and further technical education of our employees and service team is a guarantor of quality for our professional work and services, which we offer.

Our motors workshop is well equipped with all needed special tools for disassembling, measuring, investigation, reassembling and reconditioning.

We are appointed as Authorized Repair Agent of UEC Diesel Engines, in relation to after-sales work for the repair & recondition work and/or the maintenance work of UEC Diesel Engines.

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:: your team

capable, reliable and experienced

A team of dedicated professionals committed to exceeding your expectations.

Managing Director
Hartmut Okon

T  +49-471-926905-13
T  +49-171-2856109 (mobile)
F  +49-471-926905-19


General Manager
Dipl. Ing. Udo Bengard

T  +49-471-926905-12
T  +49-160-7064906 (mobile)
F  +49-471-926905-19


Business Manager
Carolyn Craycraft

T  +49-471-926905-14
T  +49-171-4960155 (mobile)
F  +49-471-926905-19


Spare Parts

T  +49-471-926905-0
T  +49-171-1221061 (mobile)
F  +49-471-926905-19


Service Coordination
Superintendent Engineer
Henning Ocken

T  +49-471-926905-0
T  +49-171-1221061 (mobile)
F  +49-471-926905-19


Malte Erdmann

T  +49-471-290026-92
T  +49-151-40787560 (mobile)
F  +49-471-926905-19


:: Head Office Location

Scan Motoren

Kleiner Westring 15
27572 Bremerhaven
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